Lubbock High School


12×36 acrylic

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12×36 acrylic on canvas

Once a Westerner Always a Westerner!

I am a proud graduate of Lubbock High School. I could tell you many glorious stories about my time there but most of them would not be appropriate. However, I am proud to have graduated from the LEAP Honors program and to have been among the first class in the experimental 4-day school week. I also was with the last group of seniors to go to Europe in the accelerated Honors program, which was all paid for by the LISD.  Sweet!
Did you know Lubbock High School is the only high school in America with a mascot named The Westerner?
School Colors

  • Black and Gold

School Mascot

  • The Westerner

School Motto

  • “Sportsmanship, Then Victory!”

Westerner Call to Loyalty (School Song)

  • Westerners, put on your chaps,
    Buckle on your spurs,
    Loosen up the reins of our old fighting Westerners.
    Sportsmanship, then victory is the motto of our high,
    Come along, you brave old Westerners, we will do or die.
    We will gallop over all the sweeping prairie land,
    We will fight for black and gold, true Westerner brand.
    Lubbock High in golden letters, we will glorify,
    Come along, you brave old Westerners; we will do or die.



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