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The Devil’s Mare

“The Devil’s Mare”

An original screenplay by Shannon Halley, Christopher J. Oglesby, and Patricia Zamora

The Story

In this gripping tale of love and redemption, a young cowboy, Corky Wunderlich, discovers a mysterious naked woman in an old farmworker’s church during a brutal dust storm. With no recollection of her past, he gives her the name, Mari, and a new home on the Texas Panhandle.

But tragedy strikes when Mari disappears during a tornado at the local Starlite Lounge dance hall, and Luc West, Corky’s best friend, is blamed. Vowing to never return to his hometown of Nazareth, Texas, Luc seeks refuge from the tragedy through hard living and steeling oilfield pipe.

However, fate has other plans for Luc, and he finds himself back in Nazareth, forced to confront his past and clean up the ruins of the old dance hall. Along the way, he befriends Mari’s now-teenage daughter, Annabelle. But when a handsome new preacher arrives in town and sets his sights on Annabelle, Luc must choose whether to run from his past once again or risk everything to protect her.

The Devil’s Mare is a hilarious and heart-wrenching story of love, loss, and second chances on the Texas High Plains .


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