RR Bridge on Ladybird Lake

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12 x 16

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12 x 16

Monday 7/14 – In my first acrylics class at The Austin Contemporary, our exercise was to paint a greyscale black & white landscape. I found this interesting because Instructor Wade did not include black paint in our supply list. He wanted to teach us to blend simple paint colors to make the greyscale, and we used burnt sienna and aquamarine to make the black, which was new to me. It found it fun working with a medium that dries fast and is more forgiving than watercolors. Acrylics were exciting to me, and I had never done a completely grey-scale monochromatic painting before.
I had brought my own photo (taken 6/28/14) for my landscape image, and the instructor used my image as his example to show on his own canvas how we should start, which was helpful in starting my own. After instruction, we had about two hours to work with the techniques he showed us. The next day at home, I added some color washes over the buildings.


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