Cassie & Robin Griffin


12×12 acrylic

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12×12 acrylic on canvas

Robin Griffin is an accomplished and beloved West Texas songwriter & guitar player living in Lubbock Texas, the birthplace and hometown of so many great musicians. he is one of many great musicians who have performed at my home in the Oglesby House Concert series. Cassie is Robin’s wife and one of the greatest music supporters in West Texas.
I like to paint musicians, i like to paint reflections on sunglasses, i like to paint everyday people and artists living their daily lives. This painting is inspired by a selfie photo taken by Cassie while she & Robin were hanging out in their Lubbock backyard one sunny afternoon.
Robin Griffin has long red hair and long fingers and is seldom seen without a cigarette. His voice and songs sound like West Texas, and he is a hell of a guitar player.


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