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House Concerts

Musical instruments Skoob theme painting

What is a House Concert? And why YOU should attend one soon

My wife and I host house concerts as part of our continuing effort to encourage appreciation of local live music, beverage, and food. This weekend, we host Texas songwriter Brandon Adams. Many of my paintings, signed prints and signed copies of my book “Fire in the Water, Earth in the Air” will be available for sale at this event.

House Concert VII - Skoob & Epplers' Gear
“House Concert VII – Skoob & Epplers’ Gear” click on image to purchase

Unique Intimate Music Performance

A House Concert is an intimate live music performance held in the privacy of the host’s home. Usually, the crowd is smaller than a public music venue, and guests have received private invitations. The audience is seated in a comfortable home environment, rather than a noisy smoky bar or club, and the audience is expected to be seated and pay attention during the performance, as in a seated auditorium. This is a great opportunity for performers to communicate directly and intimately with an audience who will respectfully appreciate the performance.

Cover Charge

One Bottle to Go
click on image to purchase

Guests are expected to pay a cover charge gratuity, a donation, with the money going directly to the performer. Most “true” house concert presenters do not operate with a profit motive. House concerts are a safe and fun way for a performer to make money for their performance by dealing with an appreciative host and audience rather than worrying about the traditional business hazards of dealing with public live music venues and promoters. Believe it or not, some venues do not have the musicians’ best interests at heart. We LOVE our artists and give them the respect they very much deserve!

Food & Drink

Most house concerts feature food or a meal. Many house concerts are “pot luck” with guests bringing dishes to share but often the host will provide light food and drink. Alcohol is either provided for no cost by the host or guests may BYOB. When the artist is not performing, guests are encouraged to socialize and enjoy themselves as at any other private party.

Oglesby House Concerts

Levelland, B.A. and Lacy Jo
“Brandon Adams & Lacy Jo” click on image to purchase

If you love original music by Texans with heart and soul, or if you simply have wanted to see the Oglesby’s living room which has been called the unofficial Lubbock Music Consulate to South Austin, then y’all come over, kick off your shoes, throw ‘em in the corner and enjoy a night of South Austin magic. Feel free to BYOB and to share your favorite potluck dishes!
If you see an event you would like to attend, send me an email for details including address, time, etc.

A feast for the senses with good friends.

Upcoming Oglesby House Concerts:

6/13/2015 Brandon Adams
7/19/2015 Neil Trammell (of the Doodlin Hogwallops from Alpine TX)
8/22/2015 Jenni Dale Lord & Steve Lott

Past Oglesby House Concerts:

CJO_137webPrairie Scholars & Butch Backstage (Jessica & Andy Eppler with Butch Hancock)
“Prairie Scholars & Butch” click on image to purchase

7/11/09: Amanda Shires & Rod Picott
9/18/09: Lesley Sawyer with Brian McRae & Aaron Hatmaker
3/6/10: Bob Livingston of the Lost Gonzo Band
3/16/10: SxSW’10: Drew Peterson, MN, & Bradley Smith, Sudan TX
7/3/10: Robin Griffin & Tony Adams
10/15/10: Colin Gilmore with Jon Notarthomas
2/12/11: The Prairie Scholars a.k.a Andy Eppler & Jessica Eppler, with Doctor Skoob
6/18/11: The Doodlin’ Hogwallops (from Alpine TX) with guests from La Tampiquena
11/19/11: Tori Vasquez & Micah Vasquez, with guest Junior Vasquez
4/7/12: Poko Lambro (Anthony Garcia & Violet Lea)
6/23/12: Doctor Skoob aka Doug Haines
11/8/14 John & Maureen Chambers

today’s featured images for sale:

House Concert VII – Skoob & Epplers’ Gear” 24×28 acrylic on canvas, no frame; “One Bottle To Go” 8×10 acrylic on panel, black frame; “Levelland, B.A. & Lacy Jo” 12×24 acrylic on canvas, black frame; “Prairie Scholars & Butch Hancock” 8×10 acrylic on panel, black frame.

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