Hayden Huse Walk Across Texas


8×10 acrylic, framed

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8×10 acrylic on canvas, black frame.

Hayden Huse is yet another singer-songwriter from West Texas who resides in Lubbock.Lubbock is known for it many innovative & creative artists especially musicians. I have booked Hayden for several music event, including our legendary Sandstorm Picnic in 2008. He has recored several albums of original music at Alan Crossland’s Route 1 Acuff Studio.
In November 2015, Hayden Huse embarked on an ambitious creative adventure; he proposed to walk the entire breadth of Texas, over 700 miles from Farwell (near Texico) to Freeport on the Gulf Coast. The trip would take about six weeks of walking alone across the wide expanses of Texas, seeking shelter in roadise parks and wherever luck would bring him. The goal of this journey was a search for creative inspiration for new songs, meeting new people, and basically putting himself out there as a raw artist. By the end of the trip, he would have a new batch of songs written along the road for a new album called “Walk Across Texas.” If you would like to contribute to his project please visit his GoFundMe site.
By the time Hayden Huse made it to Austin, we had arranged for him to perform a house concert in our home December 17, another in my famous Oglesby House Concert series of intimate music gatherings. Shortly thereafter, i painted this one based on one of his selfies posted to social media during his journey. I think this painting received more Facebook “likes” on my page than any other image I have posted.


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