Gillian & Pyewacket


8×10 acrylic, gilded frame

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8×10 acrylic on canvas; decorative gilded frame.

This is based on a still shot from the the 1958 film “Bell, Book and Candle” starring Kim Novak, James Stewart and Jack Lemmon. In the film, Gillian is a modern day witch living in New York who falls in love with a mortal who works in advertising. This film was the inspiration for the 1960s television series “Bewitched” starring Elizabeth Montgomery, which was always one of my favorite shows (in reruns) when i was a kid. My aunt Eloise last year suggested i watch the movie since i had never heard of it before she mentioned it to me. As i watched it, i was mesmerized by this image of Gillian with her familiar cat Pyewacket at the moment she enchants Jimmy Stewart’s character Shep Henderson into falling for her.


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