Colin Gilmore House Concert


16×20, black frame

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16×20, black frame

This painting is based on a scene from a house concert at my home, February 27, 2016, featuring Austin singer-songwriter Colin Gilmore. Colin is a friend and one of the subjects of my book “Fire in the Water, Earth in the Air” (UT Press 2006) and my other website He has performed in my home a couple of times, and I’ve booked hm to perform several other shows, including the book release party at Stubb’s November 12, 2006, an event which I’ve portrayed in several other paintings. Several of my original paintings then on display in my kitchen are depicted in the background.

South Austin House Concerts

My wife and I host house concerts as part of our continuing effort to encourage appreciation of local live music, beverage, and food. Many of my paintings have been inspired by these events or by the musicians who have graced our living room with their fine performances.
We fully support the house concert concept and encourage you to do so, also. Please try to enjoy some live music at least once a month and pay the artists like any other fine artisan. We are fortunate to have some of the best music around performed right in our living room.
If you would like to attend a future Oglesby Hose Concert, send me a message, either email or through social media, and I’ll supply you with details.

View Pretty Cool Art at a House Concert

I have around one hundred of my original paintings hanging on the walls of our home, most are for sale. Our house concerts are a good opportunity to see Pretty Cool Art up close, and you might find a good deal.


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