Sangria Margarita Swirl


20×20 acrylic
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20×20 acrylic on canvas; wire hanger

I’ve said before, something about wine and art go together. And a glass or two of wine may enhance the perception and appreciation of art just enough to loosen up those purse strings and encourage you to invest in a pretty cool piece of art which will last a lifetime.
When in Austin Texas, the natural complement to some rich sweet red wine is tangy frozen margarita, so let’s make a pitcher of Sangria Margarita Swirl, a true Texas treat! Share a pitcher of frozen fun with friends, and of course drink responsibly. You brought a designated driver, didn’t you? Better yet, you are enjoying homemade beverages on your own patio. Take a nap let in your hammock. It’s all good in Austin Texas.

This Colorful and Fun Painting Will Look Lovely in Your Kitchen or Bar!

Some pretty cool people have my wine paintings hung in cool homes in cool cities across the country. We’ve sold just about every wine painting i’ve ever done. My paintings of wine bottles and glasses have proven to be my best-selling series of paintings. This is my first painting to combine the classiness of wine and the zestiness of margaritas. By the way, I made up the wine bar’s name on the menu “Wine-a-Rama.”

So if you have enjoyed tasty refreshing Sangria Margarita Swirl in Austin Texas, or anywhere you chose to have some fun, then YOU should buy this original painting now, while you still can!

Wine is Fun to Paint, Even More So with Margaritas!

I like to paint bottles and glasses because the reflections, refractions, and shadows are always interesting and make for cool color pattern possibilities. Here are some of the wine paintings which have sold. If you would like a print of one of these originals, please email us to order an archival quality signed reproduction.

This 20×20 original painting is a BARGAIN!


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