Wine Half Full

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16×20 acrylic, black frame

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16×20 acrylic on canvas with black wired frame.

This painting’s title “Wine Half Full”  is a positive spin on the still-life scene depicted. The good thing about an empty glass is that there is always more wine to pour. Is that bottle now empty? Guess what, there will always be wine!

Art and Wine Go Together, Naturally

Something about wine and art go together. From the beginning, our relationship with a bottle of wine is often introduced by our attraction to the artwork on the bottle label. I once entered an art contest at a central Texas winery in which wine club members voted on their favorite of about a dozen original paintings to be featured on the next season’s labels. I didn’t win the contest but it was a great idea proving that art and wine do go together naturally.
We often think of people viewing and pondering art while drinking wine, spinning it in the stemmed glass. Also, a glass or two may enhance the perception and appreciation of art just enough to loosen up those purse strings and encourage you to invest in a pretty cool piece of art which will last a lifetime. Some pretty cool people have my wine paintings hung in cool homes in cool cities across the country. We’ve sold just about every wine painting i’ve ever done. My paintings of wine bottles and glasses have proven to be my best-selling series of paintings.

You should buy this original painting now, while you still can!

I like to paint bottles and glasses because the reflections, refractions, and shadows are always interesting and make for cool color pattern possibilities. Here are some of the wine paintings which have sold. If you would like a print of one of these originals, please email us to order an archival quality signed reproduction.



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