acrylics on 16×20 canvas
black frame

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Kacey Musgraves – Songwriter Superstar

Texas native Kacey Musgraves is one of my favorite contemporary songwriters and performing personalities. This painting I made depicts one of my favorite things about Kacey, often when Kacey Musgraves starts a live performance, she will say to the audience:

“Before we get started, I think everybody needs to turn to their neighbor. Give them a high five really quick.” The audience cheers and whoops, turning enthusiastically to the strangers—or new friends, I should say—around them and throwing up their palms. Musgraves gives her bandmates a high five too, then puts her hands up to signal silence.
“All right,” Musgraves continues, her native Texas twang drawing out the vowels, aaal riiight. “Everybody put two middle fingers up in the air.” She laughs and throws a middle finger up, then her other one. Musgraves makes a real show of it, spinning around in a circle and jabbing each toward the audience for emphasis. The fans roar with laughter and cheers. Someone yells, “Yeehaw!” “Now we’re ready.”

(excerpt from Glamour magazine “Kacey Musgraves Isn’t Trying to Please Anybody but Herself“)


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