There’s a Lotta Green in the City


16×20 acrylics
black frame


This painting came to me in a dream

I awoke from a dream in the a.m. of July 3, 2019, the day after i got home from visiting family in Arlington VA, and i had a lyric* from a song by Joe Ely along with this very image in my mind, and i immediately drew an oil-crayon sketch, then soon afterward made this painting from that sketch idea.
The idea that was resonatingĀ  in my dream is basically that even though there is nothing obstructing your shot to drop the ball clear across the table, there’s still a lotta the table you have to shoot across to drop that ball; and stuff can happen; so don’t start counting your bets ’til the ball has dropped.
But do take the shot.

*NOTE: theĀ  lyric is from song “Jesse Justice” on the Joe Ely album “Happy Songs from Rattlesnake Gulch

There’s a lotta green in the city
That you can’t cut thick or thin
There’s a lot of green between fat and lean
That you might never see again…


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