South Congress Triptych

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Three 16×20 acrylic canvases,
in one black frame

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Three 16×20 acrylic canvases, single wired black frame

This is a triptych on three 16×20 canvases, framed as one piece. Because Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, this view of the heart of the South Congress Avenue tourist district, looking toward downtown, is already a bit dated. The skyline has broadened and deepened, businesses have come and gone, signs change, the weather and trees, etc. In this triptych we see such landmarks as the San Jose Hotel and Jo’s Coffee, The Austin Motel, The Continental Club and Amy’s Ice Cream as well as sites only in the past such as Zen asian restaurant, the Southside Tattoo sign and parallel & front-end parked cars.


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