LHUCA North Exit


acrylics on 12×24 canvas
black frame

In stock



The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts is a wonderful, fantastic institution, a jewel in downtown Lubbock Texas, nearby to the new Buddy Holly Music Hall. When in Lubbock you should visit the museum.

Cool Window – Strange View

There’s this thing about Lubbock I’ve often noticed: something very cool and beautiful can be seemingly randomly situated up against something that is purely utilitarian and generally unattractive; i’ve always called this phenomenon “Lubbock Ugly.” So here’s the deal: LHUCA has this very cool, excellently designed window around its northern exit, and it frames a view outside of this nasty tangle of electrical wires and transformers backed by an abandoned railroad warehouse. Huh, weird. What are we supposed to be looking at here, according to the architect, i wonder? So that’s why I painted this one.

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