Bonnie Parker

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11×14 acrylic
black frame

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This portrait of notorious Texas outlaw Bonnie Parker, the Depression/Dust Bowl era cohort of Clyde Barrow from Dallas, is “colorized in living color” by the artist, and based on an historic black & white snapshot photograph, which was seized as evidenced from Bonnie’s personal collection after it was abandoned in a rural Missouri house during an armed raid on the Barrow gang. The original photo was from a set of photos of the gang horsing around and posing with weapons somewhere on a rural southwest dirt road, where the Bonnie & Clyde gang spent much of their time on the run.
I think a possible sub-title for this image could be here, “Here, now take one of just me!” Because the original was black & white, I had to guess at the colors of her outfit and I assumed she would prefer black & gold.


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