Wild Green Parrots of South Austin


acrylics on 20×20 canvas

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Green Parrots of Austin

They’re know as the Green Parrots of Austin but are actually Monk Parakeets, according to my friend Jennifer Bristol, who literally wrote the book on birdwatching in Texas. They are notoriously clever and difficult to approach, and for years I’d been asking among my photographer friends if they had any good shots i could work with in order to make a painting of the parrots, and the reply was usually, “They’re hard to photograph.”
One day my wife and I were walking near our home in south Austin and a flock of the “green parrots” were feasting on wild sunflowers; we ran home, got our camera, and drove slowly by in my convertible while my wife took snapshots of the birds who didn’t seem to mind us there then.  And voila, my painting!

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