Sandy’s Tap Shoes


18×24 acrylic, black frame



18×24 acrylic on canvas; wired black frame.

Austin’s Tapestry Dance Company
“The world’s only full-time professional repertory tap dance company

Austin Texas is certainly one of the coolest cities in the world. “Live Music Capital of the World”; “Keep Austin Weird”; “Alright, Alright, Alright!”
Did you know that Austin Texas also is home to the world’s only full-time professional tap dance company? Now that is the definition of cool!

Incredible dancers from across the globe gather in Austin to form the repertory Tapestry Dance Company through the leadership and inspiration of Acia Gray, Co-Founder & Executive/Artistic Director. The company performs several live performances in Austin each year, many with inspirational and thought-provoking  themes in addition to world class performances. I have attended many of these performance and i am always awe-stricken.

In addition to supporting wonderful professional dancers, Tapestry has studios open to the public for dance lessons of any level. Our friend Sandy had done recreation tap dance and taken lessons before moving to Austin. She became a regular at Tapestry and became active in the foundation. She even convinced my wife & I to fulfill a long-time curiosity and take an introduction tap lesson taught by Acia Gray herself. I didn’t have any tap shoes and there were none of the in-house shoes that fit me that day, so I did the lesson barefoot. Acia said that was cool because many early tap-style dancers had no shoes. “But your feet are gonna be filthy when we’re done.” She was right. I’ll get my own tap shoes next time I go. Tap lessons are very fun and challenging!

Sandy’s Tap Shoes

Of course, Sandy has her own tap shoes and this painting is proof!  Here they are at the Tapestry studios located in south Austin Texas USA.
Don’t forget, you too can show up at the studio and ask for a free introductory class. Give tap dance a try when in south Austin!


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