Prada Marfa Horizons

Prada Marfa Horizons


12×24, black frame

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Prada Marfa, West Texas Art

A great example of west Texas irony, Prada Marfa is actually an iconic art installation located in the Trans-Pecos area of far-west Texas. Located on a desolate desert highway, it is truly an odd & shocking site. The interior is always lit, displaying individual Prada shoes & purses (NOTE: the shoes are are singles without mates and the purses have the bottoms removed making them commercially worthless; not an actual retail store, the door is never open and no one is ever inside. Unfortunately, this piece of art often suffers from graffiti and occasional fruitless break-ins.

This particular image is inspired by a photograph made by my brother-in-law Jerry Salgado, who now lives in Austin but happens to have spent his childhood in Marfa Texas where his father’s family is from and whom he still visits annually.

Note: the very first painting i sold was another image of Prada Marfa, now in a private collection in Nashville TN. And the most recent commissioned work i completed was also another Prada Marfa interpretation, which now hangs in a private office at the Kreeger Museum of Modern Art, Washington DC.


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