New World Holy Women (Triptych)


three 8×10, gold frames
(not sold separately)

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three 8×10, gold frames

This triptych features three holy women from the Americas, based on three of several panels featured above the altar at the Cathedral of Santa Fe New Mexico, featuring:

  • Blessed Katherine Drexel: US native of Philadelphia in the 19th century from a wealthy family, she founded the Blessed Sacrament Sisters, and applied her inheritance to educating poor black and native american children and pioneered schools in Santa Fe.
  • St. Rose of Lima: was the second native & 1st female saint of New World; born in Peru, St. Rose lived a penitent life at home tempered only by her love of music.
  • Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha:  the first Native American considered for sainthood; a Mohawk-Algonquin, died 1680, she converted to Jesuit Catholicism & lived pious but short life.

These three painting are only sold as a triptych set, not sold separately.


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