Monarch Caterpillar Stripes



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Big Monarch Caterpillar Stripes

Central Texans are fortunate to live in the migration path of the Monarch butterflies.   In April 2014 the Monarch butterflies stopped in Texas long enough to lay eggs on milkweed and wildflowers before heading north and east for the summer. After years of drought, El Niño that spring brought buckets of rain and bountiful wildflowers and milkweed and soon we saw the large green, yellow and white caterpillars, which build chrysalises and transform into beautiful Monarch butterflies. In October 2014 when the Monarchs traveled through Texas heading south to their wintering grounds in the canyons of Mexico, I painted a short series inspired by Monarch patterns and colors.
This year, I decided to pick up the Monarch Butterfly pattern Theme once again, as the butterflies are due back in central Texas soon!


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