It’d Be Cooler If You Did.


pencil & pastels
on 12×18 paper

In stock


Dazed and Confused – “It’d Be Cooler if You Did.”

(Jason London as) Randall “Pink” Floyd introduces (Wiley Wiggins as) Mitch Kramer to (Matthew McConaughey) as Wooderson, in Richard Linklater‘s classic Austin film “Dazed and Confused.” Wooderson is driving a very sweet 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS when he asks his young new friend, “You gotta joint?” Mitch replies, “Not on me.” Wooderson replies, “It’d Be Cooler if you did.”

Charcoal Pencils and Pastels

I made this unframed drawing with charcoal pencils and pastels on heavy-duty 12″x18″ watercolors paper. I will personalize a message on the reverse side for whomever purchases this drawing of Matthew McConaughey and friends.



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