Graffiti Art at Waller & E.7th Street


16×20 acrylics, black frame

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Graffiti Art at Waller & E.7th Street

Acrylic painting of a building painted with beautiful graffiti art at the corner of Waller Street and East 7th Street in Austin Texas USA. I drive by this corner about once a month and had been planning on making a painting of this intersection for a few years; part of my “Paint Local” or “paint your neighborhood” policies. Ironically, the week after I completed this painting, i drove by this corner and the painting had changed! Same basic design but new colors and some added features. Just goes to show…

Austin is always Changing.

I now have an ever-growing body of paintings which I did not start out intentionally to do so but are now what I call my series of “Recent Austin Scenes That Do Not Look Like This Anymore“.


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