Beer Fruit Syrups

Craft Beer Samples with Fruit Syrups


11×14, black frame

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 I Like Beer

Yes, I like beer. I’m not afraid to say it, billions of people like beer. Beer is probably the oldest processed food or drink known to mankind. Beer is good. I like the way beer tastes, the many limitless flavors that can be produced in beer by an artful brewer. I like the way beer glasses look when the light hits them. One fun way to liven up beer samples is to added condensed fruit syrups for sweetening a more bitter hoppy beer or just adding zing.

I Like Local Products

I have always been a fan of promoting local businesses, restaurants, products, artists and musicians, etc. Since the craft brewing industry has been legal in Texas, I have been thrilled to see the addition and growth of small-batch brewers who are canning, bottling, and distributing there beers, as well as craft beer brewpubs. I live in Austin Texas where there are many great brewpubs; Uncle Billy’s is one of the originals.

I Like to Paint Beer Samples

One day Uncle Billy’s was promoting a special on social media which inspired me to paint this acrylic artwork. I like to paint the colors of beers and these are particularly colorful, with the fruit syrups added. I also like to paint reflections and there are many in this painting. The fruit – peaches, cherries, & raspberries – were fun to paint, too.


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